FTP stands for . C - Both of the above. The purpose of the profound changes to the language was to standardize the many new ways in which developers were using it, as well as to encourage a single set of best practices with regards to web development. Internet Explorer and HTML5. It adds semantic definition to many page elements. Answers: • Every HTML element can have an ARIA role attribute specified. The following section contains a complete list of standard tags belonging to the latest HTML5 and XHTML 1.1 specifications. I think (2) is the right answer. 146. 3) Attribute values are optional. The current HTML5 draft specification does not specify which audio formats browsers should support in the audio tag. 1. Which of the following are true regarding the keygen tag in html5 . B. HTML5 Shiv. How it Works. is not supported in HTML5. The following DOCTYPE are also supported in HTML5: There are 3 types of DOCTYPES as mentioned below: Strict Doctype; Frameset Doctype; Transitional Doctype ; Q #4) What are the New tags in Media Elements in HTML5? If a false value is desired, the selected attribute must be omitted in an attribute specification. 4) Closing empty elements are optional. What is the Request/Response Cycle? This Application Cache (AppCache) interface lists resources that browsers should cache to be available offline. All elements, by default, have a display of inline. 3. HTML5 provides an application caching mechanism that lets web applications run offline. Tags: Question 2 . What is the limit to the length of HTML attributes? What is the Request/Response Cycle? 5.Which of following is part of a URL. Both of the above. Answer: Option B Study on the go. The browser will use the first recognized format. 14. You are currently discussing the CSS position property. 2013-05-30. Unfortunately, that dang Internet Explorer requires a bit of wrangling in order to understand the new HTML5 elements. None of the above. (4) I'd like to start using HTML5's basic features, but at the same time, keep my code backwards compatible with older browsers (graceful degradation). Firefox generally supports the widest selection of HTML5 features, with Chrome and Safari following shortly afterwards, but as we said HTML5 is an evolving standard and the … HTML5.txt. a. Offline browsing b. Ans: File Transfer Protocol. The ABC.com network consists of a single domain named ABC.com. Answer: b. Answer. One example of this is the DOCTYPE element. C - HTML5 is a cooperation between the World Wide Web Consortium W3C and the Web If position is past the end of input, then break. Simplified and Clear Syntax The syntax in HTML5 is extremely clear and simple as compared to HTML4. Other Related Materials. The Internet is a type of. I tested the code below in almost all browsers which support HTML5, unfortunately they all have the same problem. 145. A. HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard superseding HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, and XHTML 1.1. Let next character be undefined. There is a 4px gap below canvas/video/audio elements in HTML5 (2) When using HTML5, if you place a canvas/video/audio/svg element in a div, there will be a 4px gap below these elements. Html5 MCQ or multiple choice questions for practical exam, lab test, and viva test etc. View more. Ans: True. The Internet is a type of. It will be assigned one of the following values: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. placeholder. C. HTML5 Shim. ">Click Me! Ans: a. Button. 1 / 1 point Which of the following HTML5 attributes is used for data validation? 30 seconds . We will be discussing some of the new features provided by HTML5 .But first lets see the important changes at … FTP stands for . A. HTML5. Ans: Protocol. Ans: HyperText Transfer Protocol. Ans: File Transfer Protocol. HTML5 tags have the same semantic meaning, regardless of the browser being used. Defines an abbreviated form of a longer word or phrase. Question 3 options: pattern. Applications that are cached load and work correctly offline, even if users press the Refresh button. Which following are valid default values for the HTML5 element? HTML5 is the latest specification of the HTML language, and represented a major break with previous markup practices. Question 4 (1 point) Which of the following can you NOT format using CSS3 pseudo-classes? Which of the following is true about 'audio' tag in HTML5? Which of the following is/are the advantage(s) offered by application cache? Which of the following are true about the ARIA role attribute in HTML5? Answer: The new tags in Media Elements in HTML5 are enlisted below: